September 2017

Microsoft Subsea cable

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Three biggest companies Microsoft, Facebook and Telefonica are covering the subsea cables with a data transferring of 160 Terabits per second capacity. Facebook and Microsoft are placing the subsea cable by the help of Telefonica and almost had finished the 6600 km to all across the Atlantic Ocean from Virginia, [...]

How to hide files in windows 10

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Some users want to hide their files to make sure that no one can see their files. These personal files, work files, videos and much more can easily be come back by hidden method. Let’s start, how to hide files? For windows 10. Steps: Type “This pc” in the search [...]

How to check your computer all information, Display, Sound, Direct X etc.

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Many users of window want to know all information of his/her computer such as direct x version, RAM, processor and processor version, computer manufactured name and computer name, when his/her computer BIOS created, operating system, sound card, video card, VGA card information and what type of input and output devices [...]

Texans vs. Bengals on Thursday Night Football

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In week 1 of National football league on Sunday, Texans and Bengals were took catastrophically kickoff in 2017, and numbers are too bad in their season opening lose, Baltimore and Jacksonville amalgamate: with Seven points, nine turnovers, 15 sacks allowed and 18 penalties. On the same day at morning time, [...]