September 2017

Intel launches 8th Generation core desktop chips for Gaming

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On Sunday, 24th September intel launched its 8th generation core series, which includes the 6 cores over 12 thread core i7-8700K, they also said it’s the best gamin chip made ever. According to the intel general manager, Orders will be started on 5th October. This new chip is referred to [...]

Microsoft Subsea cable

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Three biggest companies Microsoft, Facebook and Telefonica are covering the subsea cables with a data transferring of 160 Terabits per second capacity. Facebook and Microsoft are placing the subsea cable by the help of Telefonica and almost had finished the 6600 km to all across the Atlantic Ocean from Virginia, [...]

iPhone X

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    iPhone X Screen and Dimensions Apple’s best and most magnificent iPhone design with 5.8 inches edge to edge organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen and it’s also be a stainless-steel frame that ever made in any phone. 2,436x1,135-pixel resolution, It’s a little bit bigger from iPhone 8, but it’s [...]

T-Mobile just got burned by Apple,new iPhone X and iPhone 8

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On 12th September Apple launched his iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. By launching the iPhones, T-Mobile got very bad reputation and there is no support for its LTE networks and new branded mobiles. T-Mobile surely want the iPhone X to support its new LTE band 71. By [...]