September 2017

How to block the programs by using Firewall in windows 10

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Sometimes we want to block the program from our computer. So that no other can use this program but they still are in the computer. Follow the following procedure to do this. For windows 10. Steps: Type “windows firewall” in the search bar of window 10, next to start button. [...]

How to check your computer all information, Display, Sound, Direct X etc.

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Many users of window want to know all information of his/her computer such as direct x version, RAM, processor and processor version, computer manufactured name and computer name, when his/her computer BIOS created, operating system, sound card, video card, VGA card information and what type of input and output devices [...]

How to find your IP address of your computer in window 10

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Sometimes we need to know our PC IP (internet protocol address) address for different purposes. To find your computer IP address follow the following address. For windows 10. Steps: Type “cmd “in the search bar of the start icon. A black dialogue box will appear. Type “ipconfig” in front of [...]

How to Change Startup Programs on Your Computer in window 10.

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In this written tutorial, we will learn how to disable the startup programs. Startup programs are those programs which are automatically started, when our computer is start and when desktop appears the computer will be busy for a moment. To disable those programs which we don’t want to start at [...]

How to Check the Last Reboot on Server

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Sometimes the user don't know that how much time has been consumed from last reboot to now and how much the user were connected. To find out that problem follow the following procedure. Steps First open the command line interface to check the reboot time. Then just type the “Uptime” [...]

How to Check if Your Computer Is 64 Bit

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  Sometimes we don’t know that our computer is 64bit or 32bit, to find out that our computer is 64bit or 32bit, follow the following procedure. For window 10 Steps Click on the start button and then click on the search button and type"system information". And Hit enter A dialogue [...]

How to Allow Remote Access from Your PC

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              In offices, lot of employee work under seniors. Let’s say you are a senior and sometimes they work far from you but in the same building. And you want to access your employer computer who is 10 floors down. You don’t have to go 10 floors down for [...]

How to Add Programs to an OS Installation Disc with UltraISO

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          This method will show you how to add the program into installer disk of Operating system. Steps. Download and Install the Ultra ISO from here. Open the UltraISO. In the left bottom side of the UltraISO, Open the file location and folder where you saved your installation image to. [...]