September 2017

How to find your missing drivers and how to update the installed drivers.

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Many users are unable to find the missing drivers of their hardware or some users wants to update the installed drivers, also some users want to disable the installed drivers (not uninstalled). Let’s do this, just follow the following steps. For window 10. Steps: Make sure you are connected to [...]

How to change the icons of the files and others.

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Some users don’t like the default themes and the files icons, to change these icons of the files follow the following procedure. For window 10. Steps: Select the file that you want to change the icon. “Right-click” on the file and click on the properties option. Click on the “customize” [...]

How to change the Appearance (icon text size, title bar, menus) and how to find the fonts.

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Many users want to change the size of their computer icons, title bars, and much more. And some users are unable to find the fonts. This procedure will guide us to find these things. Just follow the following procedure. For Windows 10. Steps: Open the control panel and click on [...]

How to share and give permissions to the files.

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Some users are unable to find the permissions of their files. They don’t know how to give the permissions because they made network but the others can’t able to copy and write their files. Follow the following procedure. Steps: Type “This PC” in the search bar.                                                                                                        “Right-Click” on the file, [...]

How to Block or Allow Pop-Ups in your browsers.

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Some users want to block pop ups because they make him/her uncomfortable and they automatically opened and also some pop ups are not good as they have bad materials. And some users want to allow pop ups in their browser for different purposes. Let’s start how to block or allow [...]

How to hide files in windows 10

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Some users want to hide their files to make sure that no one can see their files. These personal files, work files, videos and much more can easily be come back by hidden method. Let’s start, how to hide files? For windows 10. Steps: Type “This pc” in the search [...]

How to Hack the passwords of your computer in windows 10.

By | 2017-09-21T06:59:02+00:00 September 21st, 2017|How to|

Some user forgot their passwords of different windows. Or in future if you want to hack your friend and family computer, first you have to break the password. So, how do we break the password? This hacking trick can work in any window OS. Let’s break the password. Steps: Start [...]

How to connect two computers with ethernet cable

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Some users want to connect the two computers for different purposes like sharing data and uses the other computer files. Follow the following procedure to connect two computers with ethernet cable. For windows 10. Steps: First connect the ethernet cables to both computers which you want to connect. “ethernet cables [...]

Apple iOS 11 Release Removes Massive New Feature

By | 2017-09-19T06:11:05+00:00 September 19th, 2017|How to|

  Apple launching iOS 11, it’s really a big update for your current iPhone and iPad, It has a lot of new functions and features that recently when iPhone X and iPhone 8 and 8Plus launched didn’t have. Money Transfer. Now iPhone user can easily share, deposit and much more [...]

How to turn off and turn on window 10 Update.

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Many users want to turn off/on the updates of window 10. Follow the following procedure to turn off/on the updates. For windows 10. For Turn Off. Steps: Click In the search bar and type “computer management” next to start button. Hit enter. After a little pause, a Computer management box [...]