How to Block or Allow Pop-Ups in your browsers.

Some users want to block pop ups because they make him/her uncomfortable and they automatically opened and also some pop ups are not good as they have bad materials. And some users want to allow pop ups in their browser for different purposes. Let’s start how to block or allow pop ups in browsers.

For Internet Explorer.


  1. Open the internet explorer.

  2. Click to “Tool” Button.
  3. Place the mouse on the “Pop-Up Blocker”, two options will come, choose the option that you want to select. If you want to turn off the pop-up click on “Turn off the pop-up”.
  4. And if you want to turn on the pop ups for selected sites then click on the POP-UP setting and then add the urn of website and Click on the “ADD” button and then choose the appropriate setting for website and then click “Close” button.

For Mozila Firefox.


  1. Open the Firefox.
  2. Click on the tool button, and the click on the “options”.
  3. Click on the “Content”.
  4. Click on the “Block pop-up” if you want to block them and then click on the “exception” if you want to add the selected website URL that you want to allow pop-up,
  5. IF you don’t want to block the POP-UP then just “uncheck” the block pop-up.

For Chrome:


  1. Open the google chrome browser.
  2. Click on the setting option.
  3. Type “Content setting” in the search bar, and the click on the content setting.
  4. Click on the pop-ups.
  5. “Turn off” the pop ups if you want to block them. Or just add the sites that you want to allow pop ups.
  6. “Turn on” the pop ups if you want to allow them.
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