How to hide files in windows 10

Some users want to hide their files to make sure that no one can see their files. These personal files, work files, videos and much more can easily be come back by hidden method. Let’s start, how to hide files?

For windows 10.


  1. Type “This pc” in the search bar of start button.
  2. Your computer hard will be shown you, open the hard and select the file, folder or video that you want to hide in your computer.
  3. “Right-click” on the selected file and click on the properties option.
  4. check the “hidden” and the click on the “ok” button.
  5. Then click on the view button.
  6. Then click on the “Options” button and click on the “change folder and search option”.
  7. Click on the view option. Then click on the “Don’t show hidden files or drives”. And hit “OK” button.
  8. Your file will be hidden in your computer and no one can see your file at that location. If you want your file back then click on the “Show hidden files” option in the folder option and then hit Ok button your file will be back to your location.
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