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The three most powerful companies in the smartphones design, Nokia split into Microsoft, Apple and the most important is google make deal with HTC of $1.1 billion which is the third most important company. Now google wants to become a hardware company, this is why google make a deal with HTC.

Before this deal, in the early of 2016 google also tried to make a hardware company with Motorola with chief Rick Osterloh. Just after few weeks the company made devices. Now the war is going against the Apple because the devices are going to “Made by Google”

Apple is trying to self-regulating the services like iClouds and Apple music etc, and Google is going to become independent of Apple products. As one company is known for better facilities and the other one is solemn for hardware. So, the war is must between these two in the future. The world is going to take a benefit from them because the result will be growth because the both companies are top of the world.

Apple CEO:

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s said “Our team’s goal is to offer the best Google experience—across hardware, software and services—to people around the world”. Google’s hardware are equally important components for software’s as they provide the YouTube service.

Google Hardware’s History.

When Google bought the Motorola in 2012 of $12.5 billion, it’s a big deal for the world at that time. But now when Google make deal of $1.1 billion with HTC, it’s a great news because Google is going against the Apple products. Google is also interested in Samsung and also, he wanted to accept mollify of Samsung but Samsung is not interested. But now when Google make deal with HTC, the Samsung must be worried of losing the reputation of its products.

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