Mexico Strong Earthquakes

In this month, two strong earthquakes have happened In Mexico, buildings were rumpling, people come out on the street and hundreds of Mexicans were killed in the earthquakes who can’t escape from the destruction of earthquakes.

On September 7, the magnitude of 8.1 earthquake which is the powerful earthquake of this century hit to the Mexico which was the quake’s epicenter (the point on the earth’s surface vertically above the focus of an earthquake). But on the last Tuesday September 19, the earthquakes come again with 7.1 magnitude and again it killed hundreds of innocent Mexicans. The 7.1-magnitude earthquake Tuesday was about 650 kilometers from the epicenter of the second last quake of 8.1 magnitude in Mexico.

Fatahi said. “When fault lines rupture, they can induce further ruptures as a chain effect in other parts of the same fault or nearby fault lines.” Tuesday’s earthquake struck at a depth of about 33 miles (51 km). “Anything below 70 kilometers is considered a shallow quake,” CNN meteorologist Allison Chinchar said. “That’s important, because shallow earthquakes often cause the most damage, compared to the ones that are deeper, regardless of the strength. But this also was a relatively strong earthquake.”

How earthquake’s produced.

The Mexico earthquakes are in the Subduction Zone (The earth zone where the slabs of the earth are sliding over another and earthquakes produced), and Mexico were faced these earthquakes because the Cocos is progressively sinking under the continental plates of the earth in the north America. It makes the friction between the plates and the energy is released by shaking the earth and earthquakes are produced.

History of earthquakes

The earthquakes of 9.0 or higher magnitude occurs only in Subduction Zone. But the most high magnitude earthquakes are recorded in the Japan 9.1 magnitude in 2011, 9.1 magnitude of the quake in Indonesia in 2004, 9.2 magnitude quake in Alaska 1964, and 9.5 magnitude quake in Chile 1960 were the most high recorded quakes in the history of world.

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