How to connect two computers with ethernet cable

Some users want to connect the two computers for different purposes like sharing data and uses the other computer files. Follow the following procedure to connect two computers with ethernet cable.

For windows 10.


  1. First connect the ethernet cables to both computers which you want to connect. “ethernet cables port are on the back of your CPU”.
  2. Click on the search bar button of the start button and type “control panel” and hit enter.
  3. Control panel will be opened, click on the “Network and internet”.
  4. Click on the “Network and sharing center”.
  5. Click on the “change advance sharing settings”.
  6. Click on the “private button”.
  7. Then turn on the “Network discovery”, “file and printer sharing” and check the Home group connections “Allow windows to manage home group connections”.
  8. Click on the “Guest or public button”.
  9. “Turn on” the network discovery and file and printer sharing.
  10. Click on the “All networks” button.
  11. “Turn on” the public folder sharing, “check” the file sharing connections to “user 128 bit encryption to help protect file sharing” and turn off the “password protected sharing” but if you want to set a password then “Turn on” the password protected sharing so that when anyone want to connect to your computer it required password.
  12. Click on the “save change” button.
  13. Then click on the search bar button and type “file explorer” the search bar button can be located next to start button on the desktop.
  14. click on the network button.
  15. when your computers will be connected on the network portion, your connected computers name will be showed and click on the computers to open the files.
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