How to Change File Dates


          When we install or save any file on the computer the date, time, size and format will be written automatically, but sometimes we need to change these dates in window 7,8,10.


For window 8 or 10.


  1. First download and install the BulkFileChanger into your computer. This will give us to change the attributes like dates.

  2. After installing BulkFileChanger, run the BulkFileChanger, when its main menu appear then click on the file option and then click on the add files in the upper right corner.

  3. Just select the file, image or any other files that you want to change its attributes like date.

  4. Then click on the action bar and then “change time and attributes” of the file.

  5. Then set the date and time of your file.

  6. Click on the “Do it” button for changing your time and date.


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