How to Block Adult Sites

For Windows 10.

To block the adult sites on your computer you have to use the administrator account.


  1. Click on the window icon on the left side of the window corner
  2. Then click on the Setting button looks like
  3. Then click on the family and other people or Click on the accounts and then click on the family and other people.
  4. Then click on the manage family setting online.
  5. Then click on the web browsing, this will be the next from restricted accounts.
  6. Then click on the Block inappropriate websites. This will blocked web browsing to accessing the adult sites on the internet such as internet explorer and others.

For Windows 7


  1. Click on the start button in the left side of the desktop.
  2. Then type windows live family safety in the search bar of the start menu. As you type this suggestion will appear in the down side.
  3. Click the Windows Live Family Safety icon.
  4. Then enter your password and email address, because this will connect to you to your windows live account. And click the sign in option.
  5. Then click on the checkbox to block the adult sites. And click on the save button.
  6. Then open the, by doing this your setting will be show to the screen. And the click on the view activity report.
  7. Then click on the web filtering.
  8. Then turn on the web filtering option, by doing this you will be able to block the adult sites, three option will appear and choose the option which one you want to block the adult sites.
  9. Then click on the save.

Congrats you just block the adult sites for your family.

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