As other civilized countries Mexican also celebrate   Independence Day  with true patriotism. On September 16 is the Mexican Independence Day. Mexico located in the continent of North America. Mexico is the 14th largest country in the world with area of 1964375 square kilometers.

Mexico appeared on the map of world in 1821, after gaining its sovereignty from Spain. On Mexican Independence Day there is public holiday. All schools, government offices, banks and other business are closed. Mexican celebrates their independence day with painted faces, flags with color white, red, and green. Fireworks and dance parties are arranged on this day.

The celebration of Mexican Independence Day fully matches with New Year eve celebrations.  Basically the Independence Day celebration mainly due to the famous speech by the  Father Miguel Hidalgo Y Costello on September 16, 1810. Hidalgo speech called on Mexican to revolt against the Spanish ruling class.

September 16, 1810 known as the starting of  Mexicans struggle for freedom. This day has been celebrating by Mexicans since 19th century. The day starts with speech of Mexicans republic president.

Then different activities started like parades, bullfights and traditional dance. During all these activities the main plaza in Mexico City is packed. In the honor of Independence Day Mexico’s streets are decorated with flowers, flags. Similarly there is a big gathering of spectators for bullfights, parades, toys, rodeos and fireworks. Especially of music played through out the day and people use to drink dance and enjoy the Independence Day with true spirits and patriotism.

Different kind of dishes is also the part of festival like chills en negate, black bean soup, pork tinge. Mexicans also celebrate their independence in the different part of world and cities like Huston, log angels, and San Diego have large celebrations for Independence Day.


A huge gathering for independence day and Mexican president pane Nieto is giving speech.

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