Selena Gomez’s kidney transplant

There are a lot of diseases in the universe such as brain cancer, chest cancer, AIDS, Adenovirus Infection, Lupus and much more. Lupus is a disease that can damage any part of your body like organs and skins.

On Thursday 14th September, Selena Gomes shocked the world and her fans on the Instagram by revealing that she had vanish from the public because she was getting a kidney transplant because of lupus, her fans asked too many questions on social media but she is not giving answers. Some journalist wondered that how someone so young could unexpectedly need radical surgery. But some fans of Selena say that her case is unusual.

The Lupus foundation of American committee says that her disease is identifying its challenge against the lupus. Gilkeson (Associate Dean of the University of South Carolina and Also chairman of Lupus foundation) said “Many people see two or four physicians before it is picked up that’s what the problem is. It is difficult to diagnose early on, but the earlier the diagnosis the better the chance of us catching it before it gets too out of hand”.

In Lupus, the serious problem is Kidney failure which is a hurdle of losing life, but lot of patients of kidney failure have a successful treatment with transplanting the kidneys. As a human body needs only one kidney to live so they can transplant kidney to his/her family if they need, or they can donate his/her kidney at the “Kidney Exchange” but only those who’s matches.

In Selena case, the donor was her girl’s best friend who is also be a actress named as Francia Raisa. Gickeson said” the women with lupus can live by transplant as healthy lives for its whole life”.

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